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Hi and welcome to my world.

My name is Sylvia Fragapane. I am Austrian, born in Bregenz, and currently living near Zurich.

I started my career at 17, when I won the Miss title in my hometown, in western Austria. 10 months later I won Best Model of Austria which has solidified my work as a professionell model until today. A few years later I was able to convince the international jury and I won the title of Missis Austria. I really love my job, modelling is my passion. The fact that I get to work in various locations around the globe and learn from like-minded, creativ people, is what drives me.

Of course I love the fashion component that comes with it, but I also love to slip into different roles and situations. Most of all though, I love that my work has taught me to be a confident me.

Experiencing such passion for your work everyday, is the greatest pleasure.

Do what you love, and it will never be monday again.

Love Sylvia

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